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Exceeded Our Expectations

There's good reason why the word "artisan" is in the name of this business. He goes above and beyond on quality, service, and workmanship, AND he's very personable, patient, and kind. I HIGHLY recommend working with Jitendra and his crew; worth every penny!


Kavita M.

Jitendra Darling

Tell Us About Your Project

The original Artisan began in 1982, in the Hamptons of New York, building custom homes and furniture designed by some of the brightest architects and designers emerging in the '80's. 

After 10 years it was time to shift gears to my deeper calling of counseling and teaching personal & spiritual growth, which I've done since moving to California in 1993. 

However, in 2013, I found myself captured by the Matthew Turner tall ship project in Sausalito and was soon working on staff full-time. My main task was to get the hull built. Specifically, cutting, setting and fairing the frames (ribs) and then steaming and bending on the planks. After seeing Matthew Turner launched (leak-free!), I knew I wanted to resume making beautiful things...and so opened, what would have been, 25 years ago, the shop of my dreams. 

We're here to fulfill whatever you imagine: custom home environments, furniture and cabinets, free standing or built-in; fun stuff drawn up by your architect, designer--or best of all--me and you!

Jitendra Darling the Artisan

Meet Jitendra

From the age of seven, I was fixing up and rebuilding our family boats. After starting a whole food bakery at 22, I decided I'd rather run a table saw than a dough mixer and was pulled back to building. With a fine eye and hand for detail, I always spent too much time perfecting what I had my hands on. My mentors tried telling me that I wasn't making art--but I never agreed. Everything is art to me, to be infused with love, care and essence.

After living at Indian Master Baba Muktananda's ashram for 3 years, I left for the Hamptons when he passed on. The high level of artistry in architecture being expressed at the time compelled me. I had the opportunity to work with some wonderfully creative people, always pushing the envelope of knowledge and possibility.

My training came through my heart and desire to make things work, while making them aesthetically irresistible. I get tremendous joy from making my client's vision a reality in his or her life.